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Graduated from university

Students will have access to personalized, high-quality instructional opportunities that address their linguistic and academic needs.

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Graduated from university

Transforming Futures, One $5 Donation at a Time! 🌟 Did you know that the power of just $5 can make a monumental difference in a student's life? 💫
💡 $5 = A Morning Coffee or...
📚 $5 = Essential School Supplies 📝
Imagine the ripple effect if 5 of you share this message with 2 friends, who in turn inspire 2 more friends, and so on!
Together, we can create a wave of opportunity for our migrant students!

🎓 Your generosity isn't just a donation; it's a direct investment in shaping bright futures.

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Graduated from university

Keep your immunity strong with the most protective, updated bivalent COVID-19 vaccines, now eligible for everyone 6 months+.



Data Driven

UWLF Vision

  • UWLF envisions a future where all students from underserved communities graduate as college and career-ready, productive, global-minded citizens. 

Our mission

To implement high—quality data-driven educational programs that empower, support, and drive students to succeed in tomorrow’s world.  

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